I snake today Part III

So, the next item after getting the strap and UV lens would be a camera bag. And it must not be just any camera bag.

1. My first criteria is that the camera bag must not look like a camera bag. They even said that some people or security guards know how to tell by just looking at the lable (e.g. Lowepro, Bagman, etc.).

2. The second criteria is that the bag must have a good opening system where I can quickly take the camera out and start shooting.

3. Shape of the bag. Initially I thought of a belt-mounted system but this would not work if I am driving or sitting down. And they tend to be very bulky, making you look as if you have grown an elephant snout at your waist.

So, if I cannot get any bag, then I will have to go around scouting for one which has the closest match to my ideals. Getting one custom made is tempting but not cost effective. I was actually thinking of a sling bag and line the insides with washing liquid sponge. So, after telling Ken about my choice, he came up with the perfect solution. Actually, to be frank, it almost looksvlike Loctor's Crumpler bag.... Ha ha ha

So, there are tow colours and they're from different manufacturers
Here's the weird part: They look alike, apart from the colours

My friend got the Casemate (right) while I went for the Kani (nah) as I
liked the lighter brown.

Ken even gave us a Nikon Bag to carry our bags away....... huh?
The insides of mine was orange while my friend's was blue and
it has a lot of sompartments which you can arrange as they are
velcro mounted.

Why I like it immediately? This one has no zips
and only velcro. And there are a lot of pockets too.
So, if I need to take my D50 out, I just tear the flap
away and that's it. But in case you travel a lot, they
have two clip-on buckles to secure the flap

Now, the only thing is, I wonder how people will see me when I wear my hip pouch and the sling bag at the same time.....

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