Swimming Pool in our front yard

OK, but its not a real swimming pool. We got this yesterday evening at Carrefour for RM29.90. Its a bit expensive if you ask me. But it is the safest way to introduce them to the concept of a swimming pool without having to go there yet. Basically, the swimming pool is just a strengthened piece of vinyl which resembled an upside down cover.

When I first unrolled it, I had my doubts about its wall as I have seen too many "Home videos" where the walls collapsed spectacularly. However, once the water was more than halfway full, the walls did its job perfectly as long as no one touches it.

So, maybe for a few more times, I think they would be ready for the real swimming pool.

Just a split second ago, the blackets formed the
shape of a Heart.

Both girls were excited with the new swimming pool.
Kristine even woke me up at 12 noon so that I could
prepare the pool for them.

Mommy filling the pool once I got it unrolled. Make sure the
base is spread out to form the circle or else it would be too
to do it later on due to the weight of the water. You have to
do this so that the walls are stronger and the base is not
stretched (and get torn later)

Just three inches deep and the girls can't wait anymore

Yeah, while they're having fun, we got drenched

OK, it took us about 15 minutes to fill about half the pool

After 45 minutes, once our backs were turned, they
took off their panties.......

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Nex said...

I just realised something...you blur out everyone's face except your 2 daughters'. You should also protect their identity; a lot of bad people around nowadays.

Should let them wear mask like Michael Jackson's children...ha ha ha :p