Nokia V21.0.025 firmware update

I have been trying to get the V21 firmware updated but to no avail until recently. Using the Nokia's Software Updater did not help at all. And so, after scouting around the Internet, I realised that the firmware was only available since last week to Asia Pacific. For the rest of the World, they would have to wait. Still, the Software Updater gave me no answer. That is, until a few days ago.

From the Internet, the advise was to download the firmware via the phone itself. And so, once I followed that, it updated the Nokia 5800 within a few minutes. Since I am not so critical about the phone, I did not notice much about the update except these:

1) The tilting from portrait to landscape to portrait is very fast

2) You can now take video from the secondary camera as well.

3) The phone feels very faster, especially when opening applications and choosing options

4) During SMS or text entering, especially on the Alphanumeric mode, pressing the "*" would bring up a larger symbols table.

5) It hangs less often and if I need to restart the phone, I must remember not to touch the screen until the Nokia Handshake animation comes on or else the screen would go white while the phone works as normal.

6) Whatever "fancy" screen wipe effects I had on the V8, is now gone in V21.

7) The startup time is noticeably shortened too.

But personally, maybe its my own imagination but I do feel the phone does not hang too much now. Or maybe its just that I feel much relieved that the firmware has been updated. The kind of feeling everyday when your anti-virus does a successful update........ ha ha ha.

Goto->Settings->Phone->Phone mgmt.->Device Updates->Options->Check for updates
And (in my case) log on to your Wifi to start downloading
Oh, make sure you back up your phone first just in case.

Here is a YouTube video I picked up from the Internet. You can see how fast the phone is operating

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