TR-5800 Tricorder

This is one application for the Nokia 5800 which I find is quite comforting to my Engineer side. This is the Energy Profiler v1.2. What it does is, records the energy usage of the phone in terms of power consumption, Wifi signal strength and even during a phone call. Once you have recorded the process, you can store them in a file. Later on, you can retrieve the file and then look back at the information. You can also scroll the graphs left and right, and rescale and also, compare them with one category with another via overlapping.

Which feels, to me, like what a Tricorder in Star Trek does. Wahoo!

Not sure what this one is, but it went 100% when I
was using the Music Player

This is where I dialed home and got a wrong number as it
entered into a company's voicemail. The green lines are
the announcement from the voicemail while the purple
is me replying and apologising. Shows how difficult it is
to dial and drive. *ahem*

I think this is where the Garmi XT logged onto to
the GPS satellites. But then again, I am not sure
as I recorded a few files and forgot what each one
was for. I even lost the one where I took readings
of the Wifi signals around the house.

I think this is where I started the music player.
Too bad there is option to let me put in a foot
note about wht this spike or that spike is for.

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