Iron Man II toys

I just realised that the iron Man II toys, especially the toy Arc Lights are disappearing fast. And so, while I was deliberating to get more, my brother SMS-ed me as he saw some IM II Toys. And so, after a few choice replies, he got me two arc lights and one Ivan "whiplash" Vanko 3 3/4 action figure.

And so, three items costs about RM100 and since he
was 'busy' with his work and would not tell me the
actual cost, I decided to keep quite until he is 'free'

There is a problem with the Whiplash figure.
He looks nice on this card. And he also looked
very nice in the 1/6 scale Hot Toys series too.

But here...... oi yoi yoi yoi yoi!
He looks more like some Manga
character with a large scars on
his forehead.

So, why do I need so many Arc Reactors? Someone on the Forum expressed interest and then never replied back. Then, there is a Build your own Arc Reactor competition which I am not entering because of so much issues with dollar Stores and all. But I am hoping to make one up and donate as a prize. Only problem is, do I really want to make it remote controlled? Heh.

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