The Microscope

A microscope. Wow. I mean, if i had gotten this when I was young, I would have a lot of fun with it. But now, all I can see is .............. a potential Sci-Fi prop. Months ago, when I was looking for a simple magnifier, eBay pointed me to this. And it was all mine as soon as I shell out more than USD29.00 (but I just checked today, its dropped to USD9.99. Darn). Anyway, there was another version which my Boss's Boss bought in KL months ago, but for RM70-odd.

I liked that one but the price for that in eBay was too much.

And so, this microscope costs me RM35.00.
I k now, its cheap and won't last long. Even
at a simple glance everyone would know its
made in China. Besides the cheap microscope
viewing plates, it also has a base which acts
as a stand for the device.

Here, you can see the lens and also,
it has its own light source.

And the LED is pure white, which
surprisingly, despite its size, does
its job well. And it uses those coin-
cell batteries instead of the AAA.

Unfortunately, this part also tend
to fall off as there was no secure
proper mechanism to secure it.
All they used was a screw which
has no threads to bite into.

The reason why I am so worried was
because of the small metal part which
is supposed to be 'glued' to the bottom
cover is loose and not only that, it is
very oxidised. One day, I have to
glue it in place because if the cover
drops, its hard to find them back.

Anyway, now its time to test out the microscope.
I chose my old shaver blade and used a magnet
to stick it to the base since its very slippery.
But no maggots here, though. Phew.

OK, this is how the shaver looks like

Under the microscope, at 20x magnification.
Although I can see well without the glasses,
the Nokia 5800 has problems. And actually,
the image is very bright compared to this pic

At 30x magnification, you can see most of the
crap but somehow, the Nokia turned all the
details into black shades.

At 40x magnification. I wanted to focus on
the blade but its very disorientating when
moving the blade as everything is opposite.
When you move it inward, the image goes
outwards and so on.

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