Flash Games on the Internet

I do not know why I clicked on those flash Games. I mean, the titles sounds interesting and all but with my Notebook running as fast as a snail, it was a very bad move. For you see, when the game became more' exciting', my Notebook literally hang and all I could do was to move my mouse and listen to all the death cries on the frozen screen.... sheesh.

Gunfire of Echoes was nice.

Even the Introduction was nice.

When the game started, all I needed to do was to get the
guy to shoot all the villains coming from the right and to
stop them from destroying the dome on the left. Halfway
through, the move pointer became jerky, and well, to cut
the long story shot, everything stood still and I lost.
Other games also sported the
same features. Oh well.

Then came Desert Moon, which, is also the same
gameplan. Stop the aliens from coming into your
crashed Mothership.

All you have to do is to arrange your men at a
spot which you think helps to keep them away

Depending on your budget, each man has a
certain ability/weapons and weaknesses.

And to test your skills, the Aliens comes in waves.

Waves after waves

And after waves.

Up to a point where you have lost the purpose in
upgrading and defending the Mothership. Its nice
game to while some time away but it tends to get
boring after that. I never did finish it because the
later waves were coming in hard and fast. It was
like watching a massacre.

One day, I will return to this game and pack the whole screen with all the men I can have. That is, if I can find the link again.

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