10072011 Trip to Amcorp Mall

Another trip to Amcorp Mall today, just to see how things are getting on. The shop is setting up quite nicely and they are receiving a lot of items. Now, when I mention items, I do not mean 'current' one you se on the shelves but, items from years ago or even from your childhood days. Yes, these are the items I am talking about. Miss it and there goes your second chance forever.....

The shop had a surprise guest today. For those of
you know knows, you're OK by me.

Still don't know him? OK, here's your second chance...

The first thing you must do, when you have reached
the shop, is to go over the counter. Oh, greeting
the sellers might help but you must know your

I have no idea why but its there. The whole complete
collection. Saves you time buying those stupid mags
every month, which might or might not arrive.

And so, here are some nice ones from the counter.
of these are not sold here.

This is a very old kit and surprisingly, it
got sold as well.

I am sure the new owner will be very happy with it.

This was one of those 'toys' which you always see
from collectors in the Internet. Expensive but nice.
However, the fad for me has passed and this is now
nothing more than just a piece of metal. Also, the
price of a Hotwheels normal toy is now Rm7.50.

Ah, the very rare Transformers Headmaster, HiQ.
When it was being sold here long ago, it was very
expensive and also, it disappeared very fast too.

This, I think was just right after the Transformers
Headmaster series. For the Powermaster, you need
to plug in these sidekicks for the main robot to, well,
transform. Not a good idea if one of them died during
battle or someone needs to go to the toilet to pee...

OK, further on at the back of the counters, there are
more figures. However, you must know your stuff
here because some of them looked as if they have
been repainted...

As I have mentioned, if you know your stuff, the
Hologram Armour on the left is the real deal. No,
not Deadpool, but next to him. But when these
came out, they were selling for RM39.90, which
is a load of crap.

Was Judge Anderson feeling up Wolverine?

Or was it Richard Reeds feeling up Havok? I am
guessing The Hulk is having a fun time feeling...

If you ask me which is the
star attraction, my reply
would be, "Boneless Spidey"
here. He's a great hit with
the kids (and GF's too)

Finally, I got ol' Joe Dredd and this
is the Re-Action figure and not the
Legendary Heroes version. This is
the version I am looking for.

At the end of the trip, this is my haul. The rare Kenner
Batman Animated Batmobile, Re-Action Judge Dredd,
an old Daikin mascot and a Red Alert Transformer.

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