The Celestine Project

OK, my leg is slightly better and so, I decided to try in creating a 'string' of LEDs. I want to see how much LEDs can be supported before something happens. And so, by my calculations, it looks OK. So, there are two ways I can do this.

1. I parallel solder the 30 LEDs and use one 5watt (very big) resistor to control the current, and use a thicker (but less) wire, or

2. I can use a resistor for every three white LEDs. And everything would be OK. Only thing is, there would be a lot of wiring. For every spike, we could be looking at 5 wires. Multiply that with 15, that is a lot of wires, which WILL definitely cause a black shadow in the tube.

Initially, I put 15 LEDs and they looked OK but
I m not sure what happened here as the second
half was very dim. So, I connect the power direct
to the second half and the first half dims. Weird

Finally, I paralleled the 30 LEDs with two resistors
and they got quite hot after a while. This was because
30 LEDs means about 0.6Amps passing through the
resistors. So, I have to get more than 5watts for this
and it can only be switched on for a few seconds. Or,
I can develop a circuit to manage them. Hmm.......

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Nex said...

So how many resistors & custom circuit boards do you need for 300 LEDs?