Vee-Chai is dirty

When I bought Vee-Chai, I wanted a white car. This was because, in my mind, if you wanted to get a small car, it has to be white. Not because it makes it look cuter (which it already does) but so that it is visible most of the time.

This has been proven in my own research years ago where I pretend not to notice any white cars on the road. And despite my best efforts to ignore them, they can be seen all the time. However, this is not the same with darker cars and hence, the accidents that ensued with the Bengmobile I. If you do not believe me, here is another example. Look at people whose faces are white. No, not those Clowns or Mimes, but those with tons of make-up. Even desperate bachelors would avoid them like the Plague the moment they stepped into the room.

From this picture, you can tell that I am
secretly wishing for a grey car.

Which is very soon if I do not wash Vee-Chai

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