Selfish Respect of the In-laws

Dad just told me that when Mom passed away, his friend informed him that the Government will pay the next of Kin RM3,000.00. And so when he and his friend went all the way to get the form, they got one too for my Aunt whose husband (my Smoking Uncle) passed away last August.

And so, they travelled all the way to the house and informed her. Only to be told that they have already done this long ago and their 'clever' son came out and confirmed it. Dad's friend was not happy because of his well meaning intentions being ridiculed on the spot and later asked, "Who is this woman?"

For a normal person, this means that my Dad did not realise that there were such things and only knew too late.

But for those in the internal circle, it means that they do not hold us in high regards not respect us as anything else than someone beneath them. So much for Family relations.

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