My wife wanted me to come home early as she had something to do. So, I rushed back and on the way, on a hill, I accidentally looked to the right and saw a wonderful sight. So, I really had to stop to take some photos so you know what I meant. But because I did not have my tripod with me, its crap.

When my wife heard about it, she asked me, "If you are about to take a photo and your kid accidentally fell into a drain full of water, which would you do first?". I hate these type of questions because if I do not answer properly, I get my ass kicked. And if I answer properly, I still get my ass kicked. So, based on past experiences, the answer would be the opposite of what I would come up with, which is, save the kid (because once they grow up, they will owe me a camera, Ha ha ha ha)

Anyway, I hope to have the opportunity to take the photo again, and this time, I have the tripod with me.

Just when the clouds were passing by and this week,
I notice KLCC's lights were very bright indeed. Election?

And a little bit to the right, wow

Mid-Valley's The Garden

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