Fooled by the Customer

I was at Pudu's Pasar Road today, to get the PA system for my customer when she rang. She asked me where I was and if I was nearby Imbi Plaza, could I go there to collect their three week old 16-port Gigabit Switch? Since I was nearby, I said I could and told her it would not be a problem. And so, she called up the shop to inform them that I would be at the rear entrance waiting, so they could pass the switch to me. But then, when I was nearing Imbi Plaza, it was gridlocked in a terrible jam and the customer told me to park in Imbi Plaza where she would reimburse me for the parking. This was because the shop had only one person manning it and he could not leave the place. LAter, I found out that his Boss was stuck int he jam as well, for more than an hour. Anyway, since I could not enter due to the jam, I decided to park behind Berjaya Square. Bad move because when I arrived, I was not only to pick up the itty bitty switch but a huge HP Laser printer. Damn it!

The Gigaswitch and the HP Printer which I forced the
guy to help me carry over the pedestrian bridge to the
Berjaya Times Square.

Nothing I can do for this camera as it has a very narrow
viewing angle. For this customer, he needs a wide angle
and so, he has to collect all of them back and go back to
China to get the wide lens version.

I tried to help by opening camera in the hopes of
adjusting the lens but .....

.....the lens cannot be adjusted.

In the meantime, my technicians were installing the thumbprint
door access system, which then failed to work properly. It was OK
in the lab but not here. So, after much tinkering, we discovered
that the cables used by them has expired and not only that, since
they covered it up with cement which then shrinks, the cable was
squeezed, making it totally worthless. So, we had to pull the cable
ourselves so that we can control the quality.

The PA system I got at Pasar Road? Its so loud
that it scared the dogs in the compound, making
them run off. Or was it because of my voice.....

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