Remote Control Damage

While I was at blueyebabe's place, I tried taking photos of her *ahem* but it was too much problem. So, I tried using some furniture as tripod and the Infra-red remote control which I discovered, was working perfectly like a dead brick. In the end, I had to use timed shutter release to shoot her *ahem*. She was so pleased with my result that she fondled my thing again and again until I felt jealous for being left out. And so, I took back my Nikon D50 and kept it safe inside the soft, warm folds of my bag.

But the RM50.00 question is, why did this
little thing failed to perform in blueyebabe's
hands. I mean, it was solid and hard but it
just failed to get my thing to start shooting.

And so, I pried its skin away, to reveal the
sensitive parts under it.

And after a bit of action with the screwing, I
finally realised why. Because its supposed to
be small and compact, which is great for the
hands, its also very fragile. So, do not keep it
in a place where there is a lot of pressure from
other jealous items. And its not even a good
idea to keep them under a tyre eventhough its
a one of the most safest place from thieves.

Its cracked. The damage is consistent with rough
handling or actions inside the pocket. And so, as
it is, it cannot be rescued and until a much later
time, where I will have some extra cash to get a
new one. In the meantime, I will just have to use
my fingers when I need to shoot my thing.

Just look at all the sexy little things in
there when I stripped it bare naked.

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