Cleaning the fishes

OK, now I am at the stage where the parent has to pick up after their kids. Yep, I'll be doing this for another 30 years, just like my Dad, and his Dad and his Dad and so on.

I mean, look at this. In less than 24 hours,
they have psychologically made the fishes
really want to die.

And so, I had to clean the tanks. What I did was
to kidnap the kitchen's measuring jug and fill it
with clean chlorine water and leave it for a day
so that the chlorine in the water would not piss
the fishes. Letting the fishes swim in chlorinated
water is like us breathing in teargas.

So, in order to break this trend
earlier, I got Kristine to clean
the tank instead.
I am so clever!
Ha ha ha ha.

So, I got her to scoop one of the fish out and into
the measuring jug. It is not a good idea to put the
two of them together. There will be lots of blood
from the fight and I do not want to scar her for
Life . . . . yet.

Now, after the water change, Kristine has to put two
fishes back into the tank. There, now she can do this
all by herself. I am such a clever clever person!

Or so I thought. Now I have to still clean up after her as she spilled water all over the place instead. And I still have to wash the measuring jug, the sieve, the table cloth, the floor, the chair..............

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