Who konk-ed my Notebook?

I suppose it had to happen sometime. I mean, this 2001 Notebook just won't die. It helped my career, saved another Company, prevented a lot of System downs and so on. If it were human, I would call it a Superhero.

But just on Saturday morning, it just won't work. I booted it up from normal, it went to the Windows resume and hung. Then I rebooted it, the hard disk won't spin. I removed the batteries, the DVD-ROM to just 'clear' everything but it was fruitless. And so, panic set in and I rushed the Hard Disk out and backed up most of the files on another PC. This took the better part of the day and so I could not go to Pasar Road as I usually do.

By mid-afternoon, I got some DVDs burnt with the relevant data and so, slotted back the Hard Disk to the Notebook. And yes, I experienced the WTF moment because the Notebook ooted up as if there was no problem whatsoever!....

Before: My mind was thinking, should I get the Toshiba
M500 with Windows 7 and touch screen? Its expensive.

Halfway: Or maybe I should get a portable NAS
with Wifi so I can work almost anywhere. But its
still expensive, I'll bet.

After: Woo hoo! Lets defrag the Hard Disk!
I saved Rm5,000 (for not buying new PC)

Then I realised..... heck. I have a lot of backlog blogs to clear and update my website. Haih

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