Cuticle culling

Right now, I still do not understand why there is the need for long fingernails. For a woman, its perfectly OK because:

1) It affirms your feminity
2) You can leave your marks on your man
3) You can even perform instant face graffiti
4) You can dig your........ ew.......

But for a man? I mean, why the long fingernail? I don't understand this because its so impractical, especially the one on the pinky. OK, it has some uses such as:

1) Digging your nose (and creating permanent nosebleed should someone smack your head)
2) Collecting ear wax (and puncturing your ear drums if someone accidentally knocks your elbow)
3) Looking for waxy fluff in your belly button (and creating a new orifice if your fat GF or Wife happens to jump on top of you)
4) Replacing the watermelon scoop....
5) As a spare spoon

But still, as far as everyday life goes, its more of a hindrance than anything because having a long fingernail on your pinky means you can't play bowling, boxing, or even drive nicely on the road. In fact, you can't even act like a man because every thing that you do, you'd have to worry about your little pinky-nail. And I'll bet you can't even wipre your ass first time round.

Oh I am not going to have one.
Mine are too brittle.

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