Tailes from Hobby HQ

I was at Hobby HQ today and met one of the regulars there. I do not know his name but indirectly, we call him, "Khou Lou", which is Cantonese for Tall Fella. The topics discussed ranges from Politics to modeling and finally, to a really off-topic: Rats

1. There was this one time, when he came home, he spied a pair of tiny rodents literally dancing on his table. And they really looked like those from Mickey Mouse because of their large ears. So when he opened the door even more, the rats noticed him and started to run. Or jumped as in their panicked state, they wanted to get away and as far from him as possible. So, when they

2. His friend has a better method of disposing rodents. Normally, what people do was to trap them in and then either dropped the cage into the water to drown the rats or, left the cage in the Sun. According to him, the former is very cruel because the rats have to gasp for air, which is really suffering. But let's come back to his friend's method, which was the highlight of this topic.

What his friend does is to take the trapped rats into the middle of a field, and then, soak them with petrol. Next, he place the cage's entrance in front of an open flame. As soon as the door to the cage was opened, by reflex, the scared rat would rush out, thinking it is free.

Instead, it became and instant fireball on four legs....

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