Did she or didn't she?

18072012 1806

My dad told me that he dreamt of Mother being back in her room, sleeping on her side of the bed. While she was changing her adult nappy, my Dad came down to get her medications.

Then he woke up.

I asked my dad, "Does this means she came back?". My dad could not answer me.

[Update] A few days later...
Kristine - I dream that Grandma helped me with my homework.

Kaelynn - I dreamt that Grandma bought me ice-cream and I also helped her cross the road.

[Update] A few more days later...
Me - I was a nice morning and the Sun was bright. Mom woke up on the Hospital Bed in that room wearing her grey shirt/dress and she wanted to go to the toilet. She Iooked very healthy but complained that she sprained her shoulders. I know what is going to happen and I advised her to get to the Hospital, which she refused. I called the rest of the Nurses to try persuade her but she still refused, even when we're all at the house's back toilet.

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