Sunday Test

We had to take Kristine to a school today because she accumulated a lot of demerit points. In other words, every time she does not do her homework, or was late in handing them in, various infractions in the classrooms and also not partaking in any of the school's activites, these will earn her demerit points.

These point will accumulate until usually before the PMR or UPSR sessions and depending on the severity of the points, they will have to undergo some tests to determine if they're still fit or eligible for next year's class or repeat the same whole year again.

And so, here she is, in one of the tests, to determine her Chinese comprehension

OK, if you believe that story, good for you and oh, you DO remember you owed me some money 10 years back, right?

This is the CCCC class where she had to go for a Chinese comprehension test. This test are for those students who came from an English or non-Chinese speaking background (I am offended because I am the real cause here, the Daddy Banana). Its not actually compulsory but I suppose, it would make her life in the school easeir...

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