The parcel from Germany

After the two events this morning (NERF & 'Horse vs Bull' GB), I discovered that there was a package from Germany waiting for me at home.

This is a very big package. I would not blame you if you have asked if I ordered a Pizza from Germany.

My very one 'complete' Preiser figures. They are expensive when compared to 'normal' model kit figures. But hey, with eBay, you can find them cheaper. And moreover, this is the first time I have seen modern US Army in 1/72 scale.

You get two trees in the box and yes, you can sort of combine to make your own figures.

Just look at the figure on the right. Its a Female, right?
But if you scroll back up to the box package, 'she' was painted as a Male.
Its the third figure from the left on the top row.

Different manufacturers have different scale, which I do not mind as long as the margin or error is minimal. Here, it is being compared with a Revell 1/72 (left)
So, now I have some US Army, I wonder if i can convert them into German Paratroopers for the C-160 Transall ....

What? You did not know I was building a plane? If you need to know, its here:

SFTPMS Forum, and/or the ARC Forum. They're both more or less the same unless you want to read the stories 100%.

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