More blowing at ICW

This is the second time I am here and its been a few days since I last struggled with the Airbrush. (My finger is OK now, thank you).

Like all forms of Art, I realised that Airbrushing is no exception. You cannot just go in gung-ho and/or use brute force too.

I have airbrushed the surfacer in the cockpit. You won't see any difference because the model kit's plastic is grey. And rayloke was right that you need to use the light's to see where you have airbrushed the surfacer. It tends to leave a sheen when its drying.

The manual says to mix 80% Olive drab with 20% white. So, I just got a some aircraft green and mixed a drop of dark green instead. Hey, whatever colours available, I just get.

Later on, there was Olive Drab and White at ICW... shucks.

If I read the the instruction carefully, it said to shake and stir for 45 seconds which I did and this is what happened when I opened the paint for the first time.

Although the graphical instructions on the container said its can be used on an airbrush, I added some water just in case. Even with maximum pressure, its still very hard to push the paint out. Maybe I should add more water...

Well, the final result is brilliant. A smooth silvery surface. Alas, I am not looking for this result, so I forced myself to be disappointed.


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