Man, this is taking me days. What we have here is my former Toshiba Notebook 3.5" hard disk and it was plugged to some USB-to-IDE adaptor. Years ago, when I plugged it onto my Windows XP Notebook, everything was hunky-dory. But now, after digging it up from storage and transferred 45GB of data on another Windows 7 system , it became unreliable.

I am not sure if the USB connection was the cause and I really hope its not since the cable cannot be unplugged or replaced And I also hope that it was not the Hard disk either (because I have no money nor the intention to get a 32GB flash drive just to transfer stuff). But then, I am happy as I got most of the important Data out which I thought was lost but was in there for a very long time.

Alas, for those waiting to access the Zarjaz issues, the Thrillsuckers got to it first. And it took me DAYS to transfer from the HDD to the NAS via Wifi. (NO I don't have a long Network cable, thank you)

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