22092012 NERF @SS2

I was late (again) this morning for the NERF Damansara session. This time, it was at SS2 and the turnout was very good.

Natalie (right) bought two pouches from Daiso which serves as her new Maverick holsters.

A shy new boy came with his Mom after hearing about us on Facebook. We let him try out one of the NERF blaster instead of waiting for him to go home and get his Recon. Yeah, we also let him play one of the games (w/o the parental consent form. Oh-oh). But he could not stay long since he has to study for his exams.

We were discussing on the shotgun grip for the Longshot and with some huge PVC pipes, they have done theirs. Me? I am still busy with the SFTPMS Group Build so this will have to wait. Also, if I want to sell it now, I do not have the capital to start the R&D and casting.

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