Horse vs Bull 2012 @ICW

And so, right after my Airbrushing session, it was time for me to leave. But not before I managed to snap a few photos and hung around a bit for the SFTPMS 'Horse vs Bull' Group Build. This event was headed by Vince Yong (aka bombervince) where the main aim of the Group Build was to showcase different builds of Ferraris (Horse) and Lamborghinis (Bull).

Some last minute touch-ups...

Most of the Horses are here...

Whoa... the Aoshima Lamborghini Aventador!
I wanted to participate on this GB but because the only Aventador available at that time was the 1:10 radio controlled car, I could not enter. I mean, I can display it but it would not mean anything since its classified as a 'toy'. Then again, I did not realise I would have an Airbrush so soon either since I was planning on hair-brushing the models and then use sand paper on them.

Yeah, I had plans for it; from the lighting to the engine sound and the animated rear spoilers. Oh well, next time, then.

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