Good2Go are.... Good to Go!

I have noticed that there is a new vending machine installed at the KLCC LRT since last month and, it sells, pastries! And what a nice catchy name too because once you get your pastry of choice, you're Good2Go! Compared to Japan, this is just a small little step towards the path of coin popping.

But on the serious note, I am very happy not because of the emerging trend of these new machines but the response of this Company which actually listened to message. Although I personally believe that Customer Service is still relatively new even after a decade has passed, I am happy that there are some who will do their best to make sure the customer is not left stranded during a transaction or when they do need assistance.

Finally, I resisted and decided to get item #53, which is a RM1.00 bread.
Unfortunately, after following all the instructions, it would not accept my money.

So, after standing there like an idiot with my Android phone, I succeeded in trying to use WhatsApp to notify them. And in less than 3 minutes, they called me which I informed them of the machine not accepting the notes. But I was already on the way to the Office. So, they will send someone to check on it.

And in less than an hour, the machine is fixed.
Wow. talk about customer service!

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