Look for the Prawn...

When a lizard encouters a potential Foe or is in a life-threatening situation, it will detach its tail. The tail will keep wriggling, distracting the foe, long enough for the lizard to run away. A when the tail it stops, the foe realised that the real prey is gone.

Which comes to mind a recent encounter with a Classmate and later, Colleague. Out of the blue, he wanted to catch up with me. Knowing him for years, I was OK with it and dismissed a lot of red flags:

1. He is OK with my choice of place and even suggests Amcorp Mall since I was relying on taking the LRT

2. He also 'found' another of our colleague and is quite pally wally with her, which even through the phone, she was OK with me.
3. Despite looking at all the Restaurants, he was looking for somewhere quieter.
4. During the night, we were all regaling our experiences and anecdotes in the former company. ALL the Jokes and comments I mentioned, they were actually paying attention.

Yeah, you guessed it. For all of you who do not understand what I am getting to, let me give you a clue: MLM.

There is no other words to describe the feeling. MLM is, to some, a very good source of income but a bane to the rest. In a nutshell, you sell expensive stuff, recruit more vict...er, people, you get money and as long as you maintain your PV/goal/etc. every month, you get money. And if you create a very strong downline, you get money. And if your downline mimics your efforts, you get money. The catch for this one is, you NEED to PAY for the products as a start, which they nonchalantly say, you can recoup your losses when you sell them to others.

Others. Who?
Yep, you guessed it. Your Spouse. Your immediate Family, your Friends, the strangers in your phone list, even the remote guy you used to pee at the same time in the toilet. They're all your Customers. Your steps to getting more money. And if they don't follow your lead, what then? A waste of time? Unbeliever? The 'Wait till I made it, I'll show them and they will all come begging to me.' line of thought would rise up, faster than you realise. You will think of nothing more than just recruiting or selling more of the stuff every waking hour.

So, here;s the Prawn.
I call this the Prawn because in the Malay proverb, 'Udang di sebalik Batu' [A Prawn hiding behind a rock] means there is a hidden agenda or something which is not so obvious.

True, MLM does help you make money. As long as you continue to do what you're doing. But bear in mind, you need to be one of the Pioneers to actually see the results and not those at the bottom of the Pyramid. Secondly, the best thing is that this would make you more brash and not afraid to approach anyone. You will start to sieve everyone you know into 'FRIENDs' or 'Foes'.

So, anyone? Want to join me? Huh? Huh?

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