You need sauce...

How to tell if that person is a Malaysian?

Just wait for them to start eating. That's how.

It does not matter if the food is filled with gravy or just a plate of rice with 'dry' dishes. Most Malaysians will start adding sauce to it. Soy sauce, Chili sauce, tomato sauce, etc. They will add them. Even for a delicious bowl of curry mee, which is FULL of curry, they would give you a small scoop of sambal chili.And you WILL use it too. So no matter the food, chances are, you'll be adding sauce to it.

And so, I have to admit, I am a Malaysian (but not because of the sauce, OK?) and I do love sauces. There is nary an occasion where I do not need sauce to go with my sauces. Which is a real eye opener when you eat outside of Malaysia. And not only that, our taste is actually quite on the extreme side of the spectrum when compared to other countries.

So, it got me to thinking, did we add sauce because of habit or because we think its necessary?

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