The Art of Kaelynn

OK, so now I know the whole family (on my Side) are all Arts related despite me being more to the Science/Technical stream. But let's face it, its a struggle even for me. All the time, while I was in Technical, every Artistic ideas/dreams/acts will come flowing out while I try my very best to stem it. And while I was feeding to the Arts side, every technical/engineering/rules, etc wants a share in it too.
(Those who talks to me, will know what I am talking about)

But at my Age now, whatever goes, lah.

But this blog today is not about me anymore, it's about my kids. In genetic terms, they do have some of our traits. My side is more on the Arts, curioisty, imagination and well, spontaneity. I got a wonderful shock today when I walked over to see what Kaelynn was doing as she had finished her homework. Lo and behold!

She copied an image from the cover of a book. At first I thought she just put the paper on top and copied it but no, she actually did it by just looking at the picture! This is something which I cannot even do! A few years ago, her picture was just your run o the mill kiddy scrawls. My Wife downplayed the talent saying its great but this does not encourage creativity...

Well, if she wants to continue with this, I'll let her. (In the meantime, Kristine saw what was happening and she too, started to draw...)
My wife lamented they did not inherit her Science side...

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