09092014 Kristine's Day Out

After a very long mano et mano chat with my Dad about my current situation and future, I got his blessings to continue doing Scale Model lighting. And not only that, there are plans too since the project that he and my brother was interested, had a lot of risks which, in our opinions, was not worth pursuing.

Anyway, as my Dad needed to get out of the house for two hours, I decided to bring Kristine with me for the whole day.

One thing I would like to note is that she loves to sleep late and at first, I thought it just nothing but then again, she has been doing this since young. And all the while, we capped the girls' Bedtime at 2030. And this morning (sorry, I took out the photo) she actually slept while sitting on bed!

An hour into the office, she has done all her homework her Mommy gave her and.....

Not sure if it was a productive day for her but she got to ride the LRT, learn how to pay for her fares and also, well, see how I work so that she will grow up and study harder...

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