24042016 Spaghetti Sauce Failure

OK, I think I'll be having pasta next week and I WILL have three choices of  'sauce' to go with them:

1. The boxes of chicken curry in the freezer

2. The Potato salad, or
3. Some spaghetti sauce.

I created the third choice because I needed to cook the month old chicken meat in the freezer. I got the white meat some time ago and literally left it in there after some mincing. Or cubing. Or whatever you call it, it's still chicken meat, OK?

And so, after defrosting it, I decided to make the spaghetti sauce... Everything was fine until  I decided the sauce was too watery...

This time I am going to use red onions

I think I bought the wrong one and I don't think it has herbs in there but then again, it was cheap. And it has tomato in it. So, after all the frying, it was slow simmer in the pot for more than 30 minutes...

All was fine until I added too much water. Since I did not have any cornflour, I added eggs into it. Man, that was a mistake! And it tasted quite bland so I had to add some salt. And it took a few hours to cool too.

OK, so now I have 9 modest servings. The containers are quite small, what you're seeing is about half a cup of stuff in each. For a normal person, they would need two of these but for me, when it came to home cooked pasta, I prefer minimal sauce. then again, its just me. If I was at a Restaurant, I expect the sauce to be flooding everywhere since I'm paying for it. Ha ha ha ha!
So,lesson learnt. No eggs. And even if I needed to add some, it would just have to be ONE egg.

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