23042016 A Simple Potato Salad

I wanted to make a salad again but without all that 'fancy' ingredients. The last one involved fried brinjals and pineapple which in the end, turned the whole salad dark. I had no choice but to woldit all down and hope there's no diarrhea in the night.

So, it's back to the simple things again tonight, which is a simple potato salad.

4x small potatoes

4x hardboiled eggs
half a cucmber, diced
half a white onion, sliced
2x tablespoon of mayonnaise

I boiled the potatoes first and once they're soft, I diced them into 1cm cubes where possible before they crumbled. (Ha ha ha nyuk) I did the same with the eggs and since I don't have those fancy egg cutters... (ha ha ha ah hah haa!)

I diced the leftover cucumber and also thinly sliced the onion. The main secret here is to hold back on the raw onions or else its going to overwhelm everything. Once that is done, mix them in a bowl and add in two tablespoons of mayonnaise. Mix it well and you might want to sprinkle some pepper or cut seaweed at this stage but do resist on sprinkling wine or other alcoholic beverage.

Its so simple, its delicious!

For once, I actually forego dunking the crackers in my coffee...

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