23042016 (Almost) a victim of molest

My Wife and I were at a place which is either Kuching or some out of town place. It has a feel of Raub but thinking further, its like the back of some place in KL, maybe the backlanes of Jalan Raja Laut.

The reason I was there was unclear but the owner of the house must be a relative of my Dad's or my late Uncle. It has those normal brick and wooden design reminiscent of those olden urban Chinese houses or squatters in Malaysia during the 60's. I was chastised for something I did not do or I was late doing it as the Son/Widow was not happy although I think I knew the Son well.

We were tasked to remove the Family's business sign which took was quite a challenge since it was haphazardly made. But finally, it came down and we went inside where I remarked that the lounge was quite impressive during its time as the main attraction was the pink curved wall in the middle. You won't notice it until the typical TVs and shelves were cleared. The Son agreed too. Anyway, there was a problem with the lighting and so he climbed the ladder while I was offered advise on how to tackle it. I did go into the late relative's room where I noticed a big purplish soft toy (not Barney) which looked more like some unhappy cat with an upside-down grin. It's big as if its a 12 year old, sitting on the dresser.

The next thing I know, I woke up all alone in that house and it was still daylight. Yeah, I was in the dead relative's bed and that soft toy was lying on top of me. Wat is scary is that it can move and I can feel it's hand rubbing its penis which was getting hard. Like in all dream where I would be too scared or shocked to do anything with the terror coming in front of me, I was now in that position scary again. Try was I might, I could not push it away as if I was semi-paralysed.

Then as it's penis got harder, I got pissed. With all my anger, I pushed it away.

And then I woke up.

Back in my room in Kuching.

And there was nothing on top of me...

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