22042016 Cucumber for Dinner

Sometimes, I really like to go all the way on simple things. Like tonight, I was anticipating a light dinner of sliced cucumber with some nice  sweet Soy sauce. However, at the market, things took on a different route.

It all started with me searching for the Kikkoman Soy Sauce which I thought was sweet, then on the way back, I bought quite a bit of spicy Yam cakes (which even the girls loved when they came over).

And so, I ended up making more food than planned. Yeah, it would be nice for two people over a conversation but its a nightmare for a stingy hermit. Still, I could not keep them in a fridge as I know they would taste horrible the next day.

The sauce: Kikkoman mixed with sliced onions, diced garlic and re-roasted sesame seed

The ingredients: Leftover pork fuchuk, sliced cucumbers and spicy yam cakes sprinkled with more leftover re-roasted sesame seeds

Note: The RM9.60 Kikkoman Soya sauce tasted like shit and its not the one I was looking for. Next time, I should also slice some chili too...

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