Who should I vote?

What a Dilemma. When I visited KennySia's site, I was told I should vote for DAP. But since there is no DAP here, I would have to contend with the following three....

This is the Makcik who has been terrori.... er, gracing our
neighbourhood for quite some time. So far, the area we
live in has no problems whatsoever, except for the Canny
One murder. But parking in Bangsar is still a big problem.
Not to mention Mat Rempits on the main street. But she
does her work and in Lembah Pantai, improving a lot of
families, moving them from shacks to flats, giving us LRT
and so on.

Daugter of Datuk Anwar Ibrahim. Compared to the Makcik,
she does not have much experience as seen from this blog.
So, my confidence is not on her. But man, she does have the
looks. I wonder if her **** are *ahem* but damn, she's
married already. And although she likes taking care of
her baby, everything she says points to her Dad

Overnight, his poster came up and it was a shock to
this fella out there. I am not sure about my feelings
but he looks weird, having leaving MIC quite some
time ago. But although I know there is nothing in
common with HINDRAF, basically, I don't even
know this fella at all.

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Nex said...

You only have 2 choices:

1) Stay home and sleep and don't vote at all, or

2) Vote for the opposition. Any opposition.

Time to stop BN from 'walking sideways' and do as they please...