Why I must always be there

Me: Wei. I just went to ABC co. and checked on them

Tech: Er, yeah? **surprised**

Me: And I found out most of their network cables are wrong.

Tech: Er, really? **sweating**

Me: You used Category 5 plugs on the Category 6 cables didn't you?

Tech: Er, yeah. **panicking**

Me: I told you on the briefing earlier to use the correct plugs didn't I?

Tech: I forgot ma. **really sweating now**

Me: Yeah, right. So, why didn't you actually use them?

Tech: Er, actually, the cables are hard to push into the plug, so I used Cat5 which is easier

Me: Haih. You moron. Now the customer's network speed slow down by 100 times la

Tech: ....

Me: Then why did you use Cat6 on XYZ customer?

Tech: Er, because the Cat5 plugs ran out.....

Me: Basket! You finish the Cat5 on the wrong customer and then used the remaining Cat6 on another wrong customer! You know how much each Plug costs? RM1.00!!!!!

Tech: .....

Me: And because you were not available, I had to spend the whole evening correcting this shit!!!!

And once you straighten the cables, it is very easy to push the cables into the plug, la. Next time, don't do this kind of stupid thing, ok? Your action made everyone lost money and time and also, customer trust. Basket. How can I trust you to be independent? I cannot be there all the time to watch you la.

Tech: Sorry la, Boss. Sorry la.....

Left is Category 5 plug and right is Category 6 plug
The difference is Cat6's wiring slots are placed differently

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Nex said...

Staff. Can't live with them, can't live without them.

Can't wait till androids are available...