Monday Blues

The weekend went past me like a train with no brakes.

I am not surprised. All I could ever remember for the past two days were myself sitting in front of my Notebook and Kristine's crying.

Yeah, she cried almost the whole day on Sunday, denying us any sleep and gleefully pushing us towards the path of insanity. I am getting worried because she kept staring into walls and ceilings (while I used to only stareat the clouds). All those horror stories I have intentionally missed crept into my mind. But still, it did occur to me that Fatherhood is something I have to face, whether I want to or not. Sometimes when I sleep, I always worry that I would not be able to hear Kristine's cries since I have been told I am not a light sleeper anymore.

The result of the weekend has left me looking more like Jim Carrey being slapped repeatedly with a rotting tuna fish. Its a wonder how I got through Monday.

Kristine looking so a-peel-ing in my arms

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