Saturday in Mid-Valley

So, after finishing all the work, we went to Mid-Valley. Surpisingly, although there were a lot of cars trying to get in, we took a big round and went into one of the entrance, there were some vacant parking bays.

I met one of my friend, or rather, she walked up to me. I am not going to say much but she would make a baby very happy, looked a bit like Sarah Mickel Gellar and almost became my girlfriend. Anyway, she is still available, but you must have 5C's to qualify.

Secondly, remember the Laksa on the Second floor of JayaJusco? Trust me, its not the same taste as it was last year. This time, it sucked.

Remember the Shell Lubricant ad? This reminds me of the same guy, all beaten up and bloated, hiding his head somewhere in the garden

Yeah, someone threw Pampers on the rubbish bin.
Ok, actually I wanted to take some photos of the three "it" (men biologically trying to be a woman) but chickened out in case they can whack me.

At Carrfour, there is a new promotion from F&N

The drink promised to be something new and hip. Hence the youngsters here, preparing their dance routine

The drink is actually fizzy mango

More of them but we did not stick too long as we had some shopping to do

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