Fajar No more

I was just passing by Damansara Uptown today and notice that the Fajar Supermarket has closed down. I think it was there since the mid-nineties, which could be about 10 years already. So, in Damansara uptown, there is no more Supermarkets. The nearest would be in SS2 or 1-Utama. Yet, the parking bays in front are still full.

They're clearing everything
The signs says furniture and stuff for sale

A corner lot, I wonder what it will become?


Anonymous said...

i thought there's a giant around the area? or was it that fajar? hehe not too familiar with the area

Anonymous said...

i was there today oso!!!
no more fajar!!!

Unknown said...

wow... so many fajar hv closed down! i thot dat one doing pretty ok.