Cleaning my car

Since I was working the whole day last night (up to 9PM) today was the only day where I really had some time to myself. After the cleaning and making sure Kristine does not break anything else, I decided to clean my car. For you see, after months of ferrying stuff to and fro, there are a lot of "leftovers" from every job. And worst of all, they didn't end up in any dustbins or storage boxes but in my car.

And I really had to do this because prior to my trip to Alor Setar a few days ago, I discovered some of the manuals at the back of the car seats had fungus, which I suspect must be from the water that leaked out of the boot (and dripped back into the car) when I opened it.

Lots of loose cables, paper and also other junk

And there's even more in the front seat

Oh, looky! My old boots which I stopped wearing 3 months ago

Because the soles broke and the boots lasted me four years
Which comes to about RM30 per year. Ha ha ha ha ha!
I am so cheapskate


Babe_KL said...

yikes i thot hubby's car was worse but yours really take the cake! yr low por never pusing yr telinga?? kakaka

CFC said...

She did but after a while, my ears grew until it reached the floor. Ha ha ha.

The good news is that my transport problem would be solved next year (hopefully) when I get a company car.

Or is it s company 4x4?

Or maybe a company van?

Or maybe just the company......

Anonymous said...

I thought my car was bad...glad to know i have a car junkie buddie..