System Installation @ Menara IMC II

Today is the second day where we're going to terminate all the cables, make sure the door relay controls are OK and program the PABX. And we're ahead of schedule by one day. Woo-hoo! So, tomorrow, is the hand-over, which I hope nothing goes wrong.

The workers went for their dinner and the whole office is empty...

Save for one poor fella who has to keep an eye on things

I love these panels (fore) which gives you the powerpoints, network and voice
If you don't want to use it, you can close it by rolling it over (back)

Some last minute cabling.......

Most of the floors and walls were covered with steel plates
I am not sure as to why.........

But the LAN cables they're using are CAT 6 specification

This device makes sure everyone keeps to their schedule or their fingers gets it. Ha ha ha ha
This is supposedly my 1000th picture (I could be wrong)

Out PABX is up at last, just minor cleaning up tomorrow

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