One afternoon at YS Khong

So, today was a good day to have my car serviced. OK, it clocked 13,000Km already and I should have had the engine oil chaged at 5,000Km. I called up the place and made the appointment to service my car. Unfortunately, I forgot about this week's horrendous jam around PJ area (Most probably people taking leave for the last minute Chinese New Year rush) which delayed me for an hour. Xarrax was there, ready to service my car after finishing the last one. He did asked me about my car's history because the chassis seemed worryingly soft............ Oh-oh
(This oh-oh can cost me RM4-5,000)

Anyway, Ivan was there and after sitting in my car, he confirmed both lower arm bars are gone. Or should I say, the bearings. This means more repair money. Aiyaiyayaiyai.

When I turned the filter upside-down, all the dirt fell onto my hands
Itsw as if you turned a sieve upside-down

Look what I found at their junk pile!
The problem is where I should put in my car......

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Desparil said...

selamat tahun baru. no angpow?