Deep Space 9 PADD

This is a working PADD from the Dee Space 9 series. The PADD had multiple sounds as heard from the show and also, this PADD features flashing LEDs. Gerhard has made them limitd editions and if you're interested, you should E-Mail him. Excerpt from his posting:

This PADD incorporates many of the same features found in the small Voyager PADD. But there are several new enhancements. There are a total of 26 LEDs, 20 of which are constantly running in sequence or in random around the viewscreen. There are 4 buttons on this PADD. One of these buttons located in the viewscreen triggers a 6-LED sequence which will run for 8 seconds and then shut off. (This runs in the Neuron Activity Monitor graph on the lower viewscreen.) Another button in the viewscreen sequences through 14 different PADD sounds. The other two buttons, located on the lower button panel, control the power (on/off) and another 2 sounds. The PADD also includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery (charger included). I found the viewscreen graphic on one of the forums some time ago, but I cannot remember exactly where it comes from. I have modified it slightly to fit with the electronics.

I will only be building 12 of these PADDs in total. Each one will receive an edition number (top number of the button panel). The first 2 of these PADDs (01 & 02) will be constructed by hand from styrene plastic; they are the prototypes. The remaining 10 will be built with acrylic plastic bodies completely cut by precision laser.

I will be selling these PADDs to raise money to fund the large Voyager PADD project. Number 01 of the DS9 PADDs has already been claimed. Each PADD will sell for $360US (which includes postage for anywhere in the world). If you wish to purchase one of these PADDs you can contact me at Each person ordering a PADD will be given a specific number from the edition. Once all 12 have been claimed there will be no more made in this series.


If you'd like to have an ultra accurate PADD kit, you can contact Matthew Munson at (You need to remove the "_" from the E-Mail first as these spam bots are nasty).

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