The Lion Dance 2006

As today is the ninth day of the Chinese Lunar Calendar, it is the right time for companies to start work. And after more than a week of holidays, not only have I grown fat, I felt lethargic as well. Anyway, the morning did not augur well for us because the original Lion team that came last year was not able to make it. So, we engaged another team and they really pissed me off.

For one, they came late, (near noon) and they seemed so tired. I can't really blame them because a lot of companies did require their services that morning and being stuck in a jam did not help either. What I was not happy about was their "Oh, c'mon! Lets get on with it" attitude and their refusal to bless our cars. So this is the second time my car was not blessed. (Last year was due to a technical fault as I was not informed since I was busy taking photos)

Still, its not nice to spoil everyone's mood and we all did our best to ignore such trivial stuff and put on our happy faces intead.

Here comes the Golden Lion

These guy looked as if they haven't slept for a week

The Lion visited my table

And on its way to my Technician's Tables

Admiring the quality of the Toshiba Phones

Blessing the company

My FujiFlim S5500's focusing was not fast enough as it keep targeting the Lion in the foreground which was jumping up and down.


Then the Red Lion emerged and took the prize

The drums, I tell you, can be deafening

What do you mean you don't have time to bless our cars?

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