Auldey's Dangun Racer

So, when Tamiya started all this mini 4WD carze back in 1982, all the kids including myself, went nuts. The only exceprtion is that I cannot afford even one. Then in the late-90's when China broke loose, there were a lot of imitation stuff. And if you followed their progress, some of these actually went big. Take Auldey for example. Their mini 4WD was based on Tamiya's ideas. Although they did not copy the product outright, their range was so-so.

And I did not even buy one, even though I have the money now.

But this year, Auldey ventured into another series, which is similar to Tamiya's Dangun Racers. So, for half the price of a Dangun Racer, I got an Auldey (RM19.90) with free VCD as well. Later on, I will get a real Tamiya Dangun racer and I'll compare them side by side. But if you cannot wait, you can either get me one or just give me the money. Ha ha ha ha

This type of packaging is sure to attract a lot of kids
I nearly had to fight with an 8 year old for this model *ahem*

Apart from a lot of pakaging materials, you will get the toy itself,
the VCD and some pamphlet catalog

There are 12 models in all. All their Pilots dressed weird

Mine is called the Libra and in the VCD, it has no colours but a picture
of the prototype. There is "nothing" interesting to see in the VCD.
No animations
No stories
Just 30 short boring segments

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