Some Ultraman Gun

"So, let me get this straight. You just shelled out more than RM200 for a Toy gun from a Japanese kiddie show?"
"And what does it really do apart from making those "Bang! Bang!" noises and a fancy way to load the ammo?"
"What? Nothing?"

"I can tell you what it did for you already. Look like a fool, that's what. You know how much dinner/milk powder/petrol RM200 can get you? Look at those beggars on the streets. They can't even think about spending RM200 for a piece of plastic."

Somewhere in your life, you would have encountered this conversation in one form or another. And all of a sudden, that priceless artefact in your hands, has just turned into a stupid worthless object. You can't return it because you have opened it. You can't even give it away because its too "expensive" for you or you don't want your friend think you're still a kid. And maybe, someone else whom you wanted to give it to, might already have it and he looked just exactly like you. At the end of the day, it will sit on your table. You will not want to hold it anymore because it really is junk. And you wasted RM200 on it.

But fret not. Because the pirates are here. No need to spend that much and feel like an idiot afterwards. Now, you can buy an imitation and feel less of an idiot. Ha ha ha ha.

I saw this in Low Yatt, where they sold these MIC (Made in China) toys. I have seen one of those toys of the same genre before, and the original goes for an obscene RM229. OK, maybe they had to pay for putting all these shows on TV and people dressing up in rubber suits. Anyway, its now in my hands, a fraction of the asking price. Which is well because apart from fine the build quality, there is nothing "amiss". OK, maybe the electronic sound might be different since those Departmental Stores would not let you open the package and try it out. And Horrors of Horrors, you might not want to buy it after the testing.

Still, I have nothing to say but for this Toy, the pirates sure have QC in their production.

This is the package. I can't read what it says
but put the not-so-happy Ultraman and this
pissed-off looking guy together.........

So, this is how the gun looks and with additional
ammo cartridge of some kind

And this is why I wanted it. See how it opens
up like those fancy wancy shotguns? The two
ammo cartridges are on the top right

Pull the trigger, this part lights up along with the
sound effects of a gun. And those Ammo cartridges
rotates as well. Of, you will also need two AAA

You also have a plastic holster to clip to your belt
but the edges are so sharp, they will scratch the
paint very easily after some time

See? There are three ammo cartridges and
I only have two. The yellow "DANGER" is
not included. Plus, at the top, there is a small
blue thing which this gun does not have.
Oh well, you get what you paid for


Unknown said...

oit... didnt know u're a fan of Max!

CFC said...

Erm, no la.

I just saw the design, so cool one. So, I buy lor. Wanted the other one, which the gun unfold to be rifle :-D

Anonymous said...

u shud stop indulging in ur wasteful hobbies.

save more marnee for ur wife and kids.

and get a better paid job and get a proper house.