After 5 weeks...........

Its the first time we get to come out to see the real World after my Wife's confinement. So, what better than to take a walk in Mid-Valley. OK, so we need to replenish our stuff as well.

See? Kristine? There are two bowls of dessert

Yeah, you have to CHOOSE
You cannot have both!

Which one is more delicious? Headache, hor?
The Mango pudding on the left or the Sea coconut on the right?


Feeling so proud getting to make her own decisions

Kristine is so happy that she does not even realise we
bought her a baby car seat. Heh


Unknown said...

aiseh now only buy meh, did she use it without any fuss?

CFC said...

We did not buy it earlier because no one told us to. Ha ha ha ha

But seriously, she does not like to sit in it because she is used to sitting on Mommy's lap. Sitting there for her is like the Dumb Blonde sitting at the top of the Double Decker Bus.

Next, is our quest to buy her a small bicycle and not a tricycle.