The road's closed, Ma'am

This is the first time I saw an accident happening in front of my eyes. It happened at the new flyover at the Sungei Buloh junction. If you’re exiting from the Sungai Buloh Hospital toll or making a U-turn (due to the diversion from Sungai Buloh), you will be using this road. At the top of the flyover is a T-junction where you can turn right. But that road is still closed at it is not completed yet. Anyway, I was about 200 metres away when I saw a silver car suddenly did a turtle. The scene looked surreal as if it was a toy car that was being flipped about.

Within seconds, it caused a traffic jam and already some have alighted from the car, presumably to help. As we edged closer to the scene, it appeared that the Silver Proton Wira Aeroback tried to make a right and hit the concrete divider. Or maybe, it tried to overtake the small lorry in front of it and then lost control and the car hit the divider. Whatever it was, the front of the car suffered quite a bit and for a car that size, it was surprisingly light. And at first, I thought it was a Proton Saga.

Still, at the time of the accident, I guessed she must be rushing to Kepong to pick up her child since it was slightly over two in the afternoon and the nearest school was in that direction.

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