My new gun

Because there was an hour delay in last night's dinner, my Wife and I went out shopping for a bit and that's when I saw the gun. Ever since I saw (bits of) the anime Trigun, I was obsessed with the revolver. Although it does not look like it compared to this one, I still wanted that toy. Yeah, I am obsessed with guns (but not in using it as I hated the noise it makes). Anyway, although its made in China, I believe that this is an "original" design. And boy, I can tell you this: It is huge/long.

Just the gun, please. I am not sure what I can do with the
rest of the items in there

Yes, this is a very long gun and when you pull the trigger,
sparks will fly. And then again, maybe not. Its not easy to
test the guy in public or inside the toilet

Compared to the NERF knock-off, its huge.
Slim but huge

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