And while I was still in Pasar Road, I saw some project boxes which looked attractive to me. Never mind if I don't have a project to fit into those boxes yet, but neverthless, I wanted some since they're priced quite reasonable. I could go for smaller boxes but I need those that are big enough to fit a 9volt battery yet small enough for my hands. The more expensive ones have cavities which you can put in the battery without taking any screws off but they would have cost too much and also, too big.

This one was a big surprise for me. When I opened it up, it is actually splash-proof! Here, where the screws are to go in, actually have metal housing moulded into the plastic. Not only that, they also give you a white plastic (spaghetti) rubber to make it water-tight. But unfortunately, once I drill a hole for a switch, it would not be water-tight anymore. Still, for this price, it is worth it. But for six ringgit less, same-size equivalent box has very thin plastic walls. Even the screws are not provided.

The second box, however, is not so "exciting". I half expected it to be a normal box anyway. This is one of those casing which is meant more for those proximity card readers. As you can see, there is already a hole for the 3mm LED. And I because its plastic, I would have to be very careful when screwing it close for fear of damaging the screw threads. I am not sure if the box came with a plastic flap to cover the bottom hole. I guess I would have to go back there to exhcange for another box. This means another trip to Pasar Road for me! Yippee!

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